Raymond Hoser

Snake Catcher® Melbourne, Snake Handler®, Victoria.
Call: (03) 9812 3322 for best price immediate snake removal!

Snake Catchers and Handlers Melbourne.
Snake handler, Snake catchers, reptile removals, catcher, shows!

The ONLY official Melbourne Snake Catcher® is Snakebusters®.

24 Hours snake catchers/reptile removals: Phone: 03 9812 3322 (all suburbs).

Snake handling, relocation, catching, control, safety assessments, training, JSA's, surveys, scientific research and courses. We have been in the business of keeping people safe since 1982.

Snake Catcher® Mobile: 0412 777 211

Or call us on: 1 300 1 SNAKE

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We also do Melbourne’s best:

Ø       Snake handling and snake catching courses

Ø       Melbourne's only Reptile Parties®

Ø       Wildlife displays

Ø       School incursions

Ø       Events, malls and corporate entertainment

When you need Australia’s best snake handlers ...

Who ya gonna call?

Snakebusters ®

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The Snake Man Raymond Hoser and his team of experts will keep you, your family and business safe and relocate the snakes as well.

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Snake catching, snake handling courses, education, Kids Reptile Shows Melbourne, birthday party events, all other forms of education and similar activities, including online, offline and elsewhere.

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